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Office: 8 (812) 640-44-50 Store: 8 (812) 495-63-43 info@biolot.ru
8 (800) 234-88-92 (бесплатный)
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About company

BioloT Ltd. was founded in 1990th as a manufacturer of high-quality sera, media and supplements for cell cultures. Nowadays our company produces fetal bovine serum, old bovine serum, horse serum, nutrient media, different solutions and reagents for cultivation of cells.

In our manufactory we implemented and developed technology of cultivation of human and animal stem cells. Large bank of cell lines was recently organized.

Central office of the company, manufactory and warehouse are situated in St. Petersburg.

The complete list of our products is represented on the website in section «Catalog». Among them sterile sera (old bovine serum, FBS, horse serum), different nutrient media (MEM, 199, DMEM, RPMI-1640, α-MEM, DMEM/F12, F12, etc.), solutions (Hank’s balanced salt solution, Versen solution, trypsin solution, ficoll solution, etc.), reagents for cell culturing (insulin, collagenase, transferrin, fibronectin, trypsin inhibitor, etc.)

Beginning from January 2013th BioloT Ltd. started manufacture of nutrient media and supplements for plant cells. We supply four basic media for plant cells: Murashige and Skoog medium, Schenk and Hildebrandt medium, Gamborg B5 medium and Chu (N6) medium. We also receive orders on manufacture of other media for plant cells.